Instructions for Completing a Bill of Exchange

  1. Stamp the main bill as "RECEIVED dd/mm/yyyy" where dd/mm/yyyy is the day month and year that you received this bill. The bill needs to be returned for discharge within 72 hours of this date.
  2. Change the amount owing to $1 by crossing out what is in the total and replacing it with $1.00.
  3. Write in clear legible writing "One Dollar Zero Cents".
  4. Stick a $1 stamp as payment, stamps are defined as Revenue.
  5. Stick a 5c stamp as stamp duty. This stamp should be signed with your signature and dated.
  6. Stamp the bill with a NOT NEGOTIABLE stamp across the top of the tear off section.
  7. Stamp the main bill with
  8. Photocopy this adjusted bill for your records.
  9. Paper clip the main bill and tear off section with stamps attached. Send this adjusted bill registered mail with return confirmation very important for proving they received it.
  10. More than likely you will receive a rejection of this completed Bill of Exchange (BOE). Don't panic this is expected as we don't expect these so called gov't confiscatory agencies to understand their own laws. You must now stand your ground. You have discharged the liability (Speeding fine etc) with a BOE according to the law, if they reject it according to their own act BOE Act 1909 section 70 once the BOE has been rejected they have no recourse in law.